You are permanently banished!

So, Sata our miniature pincher has lost all privileges when it comes time to go to bed.  If you remember a couple posts back I emphasized the fact that I am far from being a morning person, Sata is either not aware of this fact, or she openly rebels against it.  I work a 7 AM to 7 PM job several days a week, and if I do not get a full 7-8 hours of sleep, you don’t wanna be around me… I get super grouchy.  And there is nothing more that I love than to be all warm and snuggly in my amazingly comfortable bed, so when at 2:50 in the morning my little pup decides she hears the snakes in the living room moving (which is when they move, at night… lucky me) she takes off and growls and barks repeatedly while jumping against the door of the cage.  Despite how well you sweetly, playfully call her from the bedroom, she is on a mission and a 3 minute barking episode commences.  These episodes typically drag me out of bed, yelling.  So, I wrangle her back into bed, but now she is awake and thinks I am too… So she jumps around the bed, playing and licking, annoying me to the point I’m ready to throw her off the bed.  However, I must say she is the cutest and sweetest little puppy ever and I love her to death so it is very difficult to get mad at her, but she is still being banished.  Also, over the last week she has somehow managed to rip 6 holes in my body pillow while I’ve been asleep – nothing like waking up and finding stuffing all over the bed, in your hair and all over the floor.  So, we are back to the days of kenneling.  The first night was an hour of whining loudly, which then began again at 5:30 when she heard someone in the bathroom.  So, I guess long gone are the nights I sleep peacefully, without waking…  oh, how I miss those days.

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I am legal beagle, you should be too…

One thing that really pisses me off, is when you are driving in stop-and-go traffic in the right lane, waiting to exit, and out of your passenger mirror you see a couple of cars approaching on the shoulder.  Now, I’ll admit, I am that bitch that pulls halfway over while laughing on the inside as I see you get pissed because you can’t pass me.  But, in my opinion, I have to wait, and sure, I’m probably running late to something important just like you, but that does not give you the right to pass me illegally, then cut off someone in front of me, making me now slam on my brakes…  You not only chance getting a ticket (which I’m always hoping a cop is right there when you decide to go on this illegal escapade) but also, when you cut off everyone to cut in, you slow everyone else down.  So now, not only am I going to be late because traffic, but also because you are too impatient to wait like the other thousand cars are.  I find this disrespectful and just plain rude, so I choose to be rude right back.  I love driving down the middle of both lanes, watching the person behind me swerve and ride my bumper… it makes me all happy inside…  So, unless you are on the way to the hospital and there is a pregnant lady in the back of your car in labor… move the fuck back into the legal lane, quit  being impatient and wait like the rest of the world, and if  for some reason you can’t do this, fully expect that I will be in front of you, taking up your shoulder and I will even smile at you when you pass me later …  : )

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Edit your damn facebook please

Ok, so today I am browsing facebook because I had nothing better to do with my time.  I was catching up with all my friends, seeing what’s going on in their lives, and I happen to click on my boyfriends profile and what do I see?  A picture of this girl he made out with the night we met, glaring back at me as one of his “friends” on his good ole facebook profile.  I feel I must throw in the disclaimer that we weren’t dating when they kissed, but we liked each other and what’s worse is this girl was one of my friends and she knew I liked this guy – needless to say we are definately not friends anymore.  Anyways,  carrying on… While yes, that was a one night thing and we didn’t start dating until about a week later and he has apologized for the whole incident immensely, it still really peeved me off to say the least.  Now, two years later things are amazing, we are happy, who gives a fuck about this other girl, but… seeing her pop up as one of his friends on fb really just seems to rub me the wrong way.  I will also note that I have asked (multiple times) for him to break off their fb relationship.  I know they don’t talk and that he never even signs into fb but you could at least have the decency to delete her off your profile.  It’s amazing how every single time I look at his page, her picture pops up… taunting me.  Whatever, I’m over it but I’m sick of looking at that bitches face.  So please, do me a favor…. and delete.

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And… the blog is back!

So today I awake to this horrendous noise at 7 AM on the dot.  WTF?  Really?  I know it’s not time for me to be up yet!  What the hell is that clanking noise?  Not only am I the only one awake now, but my 9 month old puppy has also been awakened by these ridiculous loud noises and is now crawling towards the edge of the covers to see who else is awake…  and the licking commences.  I lay there wondering what is going on – oh yes, they must have started construction on the new structure with additional apartments literally 150 yards from my apartment, was that starting this week? I guess I missed that memo… and lucky me – not only am I awake now, but for the next couple of months I get to look forward to this lovely experience every morning Monday – Friday.  Now, I am not a morning person to say the least, in fact, there is nothing more I love to do than push the snooze button 5 or 6 times every morning purely for the fact I get to go back to sleep a little longer in my super comfy bed.  And here I am, being serenaded by the constant clanking of metal on metal, accompanied by the off beat beeping that takes place anytime a machine is put in reverse – you would think these people drive in reverse constantly with all that noise.  So, I stumble out of bed, pissed at this point, 15 minutes early (which is unheard of for me), but here I am awake.   The coffee machine is calling my name, I get ready and off to work I go.   Then I get home tonight, I go straight to my roomate about this incident that awoke me and bitch about how bad the next couple of months will suck – and the response… “oh, I really like it, it wakes me up nice and early”  Well, screw you!  I love my sleep! Either Ambien or some earplugs and I are going to begin a close relationship very quickly, I just can’t wait ’til tomorrow morning…
Check back soon to see more posts… cause there is always something to bitch about.

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RIP Jerry

How do you hit someone and just drive off?? How???????? What kind of person do you have to be??? I’m sooo sorry Jerry. This wouldn’t have happened if you weren’t heading to go to the gym with me. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I miss you so much. You were an amazing person and I am blessed that I had the short amount of time with you that I did.

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